Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't ever let anyone stand in the way of following your dream...just trip 'em and keep on going

I know I'm a bit feisty this morning. I can't help it. I woke up angry. Terrible isn't it? I woke up that way b/c I had a dream about a friend who wanted to start her own business and all her friends kept telling her it would never work. They said she was crazy and what was she even thinking trying to do starting her own business. Isn't being home with her children enough? Why does she want to add extra stress and pressure? What more could she possibly want? Poof, I woke up. Crazy dream right? Not really, see it was based on actual events.

I do have a friend who is going thru this right now. My dream just made it much more infuriating and I had to vent. See my girl is a fabulous woman, she is smart talented and most importantly she is starting to believe she can make this happen. The sad part is she's listening to the "chatter" around her. I'm worried she always will.

It is hard going out on your own.
It is hard not to listen to the "chatter". It is hard taking the leap ~ I know this might sound a bit harsh but ~ Tough! Anything worth doing makes you a bit uncomfortable; it’s called taking a chance. But think of the alternative. NOT doing it! Are you comfortable letting others run your life? How do you feel about putting limitations on you and what you can become? Would you feel good about looking back on your life 10 years from now and knowing what “could have been”? I don't think so.

I know it sounds corny but you can be anything you want.
I know a bit afterschool special-ish but it's the truth. Stop holding yourself back and just put yourself out there and try it. Stop listening to the “chatter” and go after your dream. Hey if you fail ~ who cares at least you went for it. I never want to look back on my life and wonder what if. No more excuses, no more thinking it over, just take the leap and get into it ~ you'll never know until you try.

Most importantly, surround yourself with women who BELIEVE in you. By believe I don’t mean women, who give lip service. People who politely nod their heads and blow smoke up your skirt. I mean real women who want you to succeed. Women, who want to support you, encourage you and be there while you are building and working to make your dream a reality. Find women who know how hard you are working and continue to find ways to help support you on your journey. These are the women of Stella and Mimi. These are the women you need to meet. These are the women who will help change your life ~ b/c they helped change mine!

~ Colleen

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